OccupyMcAllen 13th General Assembly

Join us at our next General Assembly happening tomorrow evening at the Lark Branch Library in McAllen. Join us to learn more, listen, and get involved. RSVP on facebook and invite your friends!

Date: Wednesday, Jan 4th
Time: 6:00pm until 8:00pm
Place: McAllen Lark Library, located on the corner of 29th and Lark Ave, in McAllen

1. Introductions
2. Old Business
2.1 Occupy McAllen Summit
2.2 Occupy Congress Committee
2.3 Occupy Organizing Training Schedule
2.4 Other Reports
3. New Business
4. Announcements
5. Follow Ups for Facilitation/etc

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  1. Leona Diener says:

    Keep me posted about Activities. Thanks. ld

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