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Workers throughout our history have organized for the fundamental right of participation. Principle in this history is the period of the 19th century, when workers throughout the industrialized U.S. fought for their right to take part in the decisions of not only their work places, but their entire industries. They wanted to own their own labor, but also take part in determining the social good that their labor would go to fulfill.

From this period in our nation’s history–from the hard work and dedication of normal Americans seeking a better life–come the great gains that workers now-a-days consider the normal aspects of a good job: the 8 hour work day, Social Security and pension benefits, the outlawing of child labor, the right to organize, and more. These were hard fought battles, won by the “radicals” of their day. People fought and died for the gains that future generations of workers enjoyed.

That’s why we’re using International Workers Day to raise awareness of these contributions made by the radicals of the past. Join us in spreading this message of pride in our history and thanks to those who made history.

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  • #ThanksRadicals for valuing life, liberty, and having a say in the decisions that affect our lives.
  • “The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.” -César Chavez. #ThanksRadicals
  • Thank Jesus for healing the sick and giving to the poor. #ThanksRadicals
  • Thank you Jesus for our food #ThanksRadicals
  • Jesus was a radical #ThanksRadicals
  • Radicals get to the root of the problem “rad·i·cal 1. of or going to the root or origin” #ThanksRadicals
  • #ThanksRadicals for the 8-hour work day
  • They fought to end child labor & finally established fed law regulating minimum age & hrs for children in 1938. #thanksradicals
  • Got benefits? #thanksradicals
  • If we are to save the future for our children, we must all become radicals. #thanksradicals
  • #thanksradicals for believing that humanity can live in harmony with the earth, not exploiting it
  • May 1 is International Workers Day. Everything we have is possible because of a worker somewhere. #thanksradicals who make working easier.
  • 8 hours of rest. 8 hours of sleep. 8 hours for what we will. #ThanksRadicals
  • #May1 in the RGV w @occupymcallen, guest speakers, conversation, & open mic starting at 7PM #occupymcallen

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